a grt new day!!!

I have started to see a lot of changes in myself. I always spent time planning about my future and my business and never spent time on the way I looked and my health. But things seem to be changing for the best. I do used to work out but not regularly but from last few days I have been working out daily, and the best or the worst part is even when I am working all I can think is about working out more :).

I always give myself time to accomplish something and I have done the same this time too. I have lots of pimples on my face which have been same from last couple of years. I am going tomorrow to a skin specialist to get the cure for them and am going to spend as much as I can to get rid of them within next 3 months. I am also going to get in shape in the next 3 months as I am tired of the way I look and feel and just want to improve everything about me and my life.

Due to the above reasons I have also deleted all my accounts in social community websites so that I can spent as much time as i have on working for my business to expand it as much as I can in the next 6 months and to work out as much as I could in the coming weeks. I hope I just continue as I have planned. This time i feel lot of energy rushing into me to help me to what I wanted to do since long time.

Lets how many changes I can make in the next 3 months….

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