Am I at peace?

Due to my lifestyle choice, my relatives and friends and sometimes also my family think I might be sad. I have spent the last 7 years of my life isolating myself from many. I am single and now I hardly go out of the house. The only people other than my family that I communicate with are either my clients or colleagues.

I have no plans of getting married any soon or for that matter ever. My social life is no existent and now it has been months or even years since I have seen my best friends. This is what people notice and this is why mostly everyone assumes that I might be sad. But its totally opposite.

The last few years even though they have being difficult, have been the happiest years of my life. I do love being social and I do love going out, but being with myself is what gives me complete peace. I have spent every single day of these last 6 years working. My average week consists of 80+ hours of work, 20+ hours of reading and the remaining watching movies when am not sleeping. They have been highs and lows but I have enjoyed every single minute of it. In these 6 years, I had the most control on my life and I have been able to do exactly what I want to do.

I am slow in terms of my own progress, and sometimes it does make me crazy, but then most other time I do not mind it. I am not in for a race. I love what I do, and I like the way I do it. I do wish I was a little faster but then again since we just have one life, I prefer to feel every moment and remember it.

My life is about to change for good and I might have to let go of my good old days of working in isolation. But change is good and I hope I finally am able to change gears of my life.


  • Sanjana

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