Another day over of my pathetic life

Another boring day over. My design work is over, and now programmers are doing their programming work on clients projects. So am free from last 2 days, well not free exactly If i want I can do some things which have to be done, but since I am not in a mood and those things are not urgent so I din do anything.

Another day of long wait for good things to happen to cheer my mood was unsuccessful. These last few days have made me think very deeply about the way I am living my life. Professional part is going the way it should a bit slow though, but at personal level its like I have nothing. One thing is that the friends I had made while in hostel(dorm) might be the last good friends I would ever have. They know me not completely but more than anyone else. The time I had spent there was the best time of my life. I don’t know about the future, I might have all things I want in future, but that time won’t be back again.

I have always wasted my life best moments, thinking about future and the end instead of enjoying the moment. There are lots of examples which I wont disclose, but am a big fool that I can say for sure.

Would write back again in few hours.

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