Another good movie

Hello everyone,

I am a fool, ain’t I? I say hello everyone as if many people read my blog. Anyways who cares..

Yesterday I saw a new movie named “DOR” I loved it. Mr. Nagesh Kuknoor is a grt filmaker. Well dont know what else to write today. Lots of work to be done. Have to complete a project and handover to the client by 29th December.

Would be writing regularly after that. Earlier I had thought about writing the latest news, but then I felt, that there is simply too many things happening in a day and If I sit and write whole day, I wont have time left for work. So can’t write about everything, but would write everynight from 1st about important issues.

I would had loved to write about myself, but there are many people in my life, who would not want anything to be written about them, and even I don’t want to disclose the names of few. So I fell sad, that I can’t write about my life.

Anyways, Bye for now.

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