Useful Responsive CSS Grid Frameworks

2012 has truly been the year in which many companies finally adopted responsive website design. Web Design is a fast evolving craft and it had its share of many trends which come and go. But unlike many others, Responsive website design is not just a passing trend. Smartphones, Tablets & faster data connectivity is changing the way people access the web. As your website or webapp gets viewed across different devices, platforms & browsers, delivering a good experience along with great content becomes even more important.

Before responsive design came into the scene, companies created multiple versions of their websites for mobile users. Creating and maintaining a different website for each device is not practical and this is when responsive design approach saves the day.


Optimizing your Website Speed, Tools and Tips

Having a decent website has never been more affordable than now. With ready-made design templates, free website builders offered with hosting; there are just too many choices. Customers today have choices and getting & maintaining their attention is also harder than ever. Unless design is your business, adding the latest bells and whistles would get you visitors, but lot more needs to be done to bring users back.

Many individuals and businesses now rely completely on their website to bring visitors and make money. Hence focussing not only on how a website looks but also how fast it loads is of utmost importance.


Introduction to Adobe Fireworks

Photoshop has become the de-facto for graphic design. It has always been that way and it continues to be so. Fireworks though now a product of Adobe was originally created by Macromedia and launched in 1998. Fireworks was created with functionalities similar to Illustrator and Photoshop and was no doubt created for screen design. Fireworks strength has always been its simplicity and its ability to allow us to do rapid prototyping.

Fireworks since its first release always suited best for website design and since its last 3 releases, Adobe has made better integration between Fireworks and other software in the creative suite specially Photoshop & Illustrator.


Introduction to the New Twenty Twelve Theme

Since 2010 WordPress has been launching a new theme with each of their yearly releases. With version 3.5 coming by end of the year, we can now download the all new Twenty Twelve theme, a successor to Twenty Eleven. Before I talk about what’s new in Twenty Twelve, I will be discussing the difference between Twenty Eleven and Twenty Twelve, and how the change will benefit working with the default theme of WordPress.


How to Analyze Your WordPress Installation’s Performance

Installing WordPress is really easy. Optimization is what takes time. Not everyone who owns or maintains a WordPress website on their own is a programmer. Many WordPress users do not even know HTML. You may buy hosting from the best hosting provider but there are few things that need to be checked for maximum performance. This tutorial is not about optimization or setting up caching plugins. Those topics have been covered in the past. Today we will learn about plugins that could help us analyze the performance of a WordPress website to understand the problem areas and see their impact on the website.


Making a Living With WordPress

With WordPress powering 8% of the websites in the world, the demand for WordPress related services is increasing exponentially. Not every WordPress website is owned by a developer. After the users get familiar with basic WordPress usage, they would need more specialized services to enhance the way their website looks or to add new features. If you offer your clients WordPress based websites or are involved in any WordPress based development, then this article is just for you.


Insights into WP-Cron: An Introduction to Scheduling Tasks in WordPress

Today we’ll be looking at the WP-Cron functions, one of the lesser known tricks that you can use for some fun! The primary purpose is for setting up scheduling or other time-sensitive tasks. We’ll examine some tricks for using it, and we’ll also identify some potential problems with it and how to work around them.

WordPress is a powerful piece of software. Its simplicity can often give the wrong impression to non-technical users about its inner workings though. This might have served in the best interest of WordPress, as something that feels simple and easier to use is generally adopted by the masses. However, it’s important to remember that behind the scenes is a powerful piece of software that’s capable of doing quite a bit more than simple blogging.


WordPress 3.3 is On the Horizon! Beta 2 Release Notes

WordPress is evolving quite faster than ever, and every update gets all excited (especially those who make a living on it). WordPress has released it’s 3.3, Beta 2 version just 2 days ago for testing. This update is focused on more improvements, refining and making things faster and better. Today, we’re going to round up what’s coming in the next big version.

It’s worth noting that 3.3 Beta 2 isn’t ready for production environments yet. For those of you who would like to wait before a stable version is released, this post is just a list of what to expect from this version.