Shootings, blasts rock Mumbai.

There have been a series of attacks in Mumbai late Wednesday, with police reporting firing incidents and explosions at different sites across Mumbai. So far the number of casualties have not been confirmed but have said to be above 16. People with lots of ammunition are also currently present inside the Taj Mahal Hotel, Mumbai. […]

Web Designing in Aurangabad & Lucknow

Hello, This post is to refer my friend from†Aurangabad who offers Web Design Services. He has a experience of 1+ years in designing custom website and only serves clients from Aurangabad and Lucknow. He caters to small to medium sized businessess and offers a great service with great pricing. If anyone from Aurangabad or Lucknow […]

Google Finally explains about Links

Those of you who are knew into Search Engine Marketing and want to understand about links, then now is the chance to learn directly from Google itself. I have been learning about SEO from last 5 years but since no information was ever given by google, we mostly had to read from other experts. But […]

Google is simply great

There are so many IT companies. Microsoft, Yahoo, Google, etc. But the only company that seems to be constantly improving in the fastest possible way seems to be Google followed by Yahoo. Google recently launched a feature in Gmail that would prevent drunken emailing. LOL!. As funny as it sounds, people have to habbit of […]

Apple Iphone in India. Finally!!

I had signed up for the Vodafone and Airtel Iphone stuff a month back to stay updated on it’s launch in India. I waited for this phone from so damn long, that I wonder if I had used this much patience in any other thing, it would had been worth it. Vadofone would be selling […]

Cuil: (pronounced as Cool) Another Search Engine

Hi, I found about this search engine couple of days ago, and wanted to write about it, but as usual, no time… A new search engine was launched in July called Cuil. Like many other people, I too pronounced it as quill, kil, but it is correctly pronounced as Cool. More info can be found […]

Why am I still here?

Am writing a post after really long. Had written few drafts on interesting development on web design, HTML 5 and CSS3, but they remained just drafts due to my bad health and too many things going on in my life and my mind. There are very few people who read this blog few of them […]