Logo Ideas

Hello, I had not been well since last 2 weeks, so no posts. Also, since my bookmarks in Firefox has gone beyond managing, I finally would type in information about nice websites here in my blog, which would help me search them in future, and also other information which I might forget later on. So […]

My 3rd KYOB

KYOB – That’s short for Kick Your Own Butt In freelancing this is very much required. I must be among few freelancers, offering so many services. Few days back I posted reviews on Chetan Bhagat’s 3rd book “the 3 mistakes of my life” but now my mistakes have kicked my butt. I sometimes get over […]

My work, Chetan Bhagat and more

The last 3 months were the busiest months of my life. One deadline after the other, along with my own projects and websites to handle was just too tiring, but also exciting due to some interesting work, new ideas and many other things. I recently launched Chetan Bhagat’s new website www.chetanbhagat.com. Though the site looks […]

New LIFE!!!

Hello, After too many mistakes, too many incidents, many friends, few great friends, few love, some of my best moments, I finally have started valuing my life more than I ever did. I have seen many dreams, and I am very sure now is the time to go behind them with all the energy I […]