Another good movie

Hello everyone,

I am a fool, ain’t I? I say hello everyone as if many people read my blog. Anyways who cares..

Yesterday I saw a new movie named “DOR” I loved it. Mr. Nagesh Kuknoor is a grt filmaker. Well dont know what else to write today. Lots of work to be done. Have to complete a project and handover to the client by 29th December.

Would be writing regularly after that. Earlier I had thought about writing the latest news, but then I felt, that there is simply too many things happening in a day and If I sit and write whole day, I wont have time left for work. So can’t write about everything, but would write everynight from 1st about important issues.

I would had loved to write about myself, but there are many people in my life, who would not want anything to be written about them, and even I don’t want to disclose the names of few. So I fell sad, that I can’t write about my life.

Anyways, Bye for now.


When I post something about news story, its all true, but I wont be able to give details like the place or date and time. Dont expect anything from me.

Ok, now to start, I saw a new shit on the news channel today. In some Village in India, women were lying down on the ground with the face touching the ground, and few men or you can say, so called Gurus were walking on the backs. And for your surprise, not one but more than 10 people were walking on those women at once. Some were even keeping their feets on the womens neck and even after that, no women was screaming. Not a single word was coming from their mouth as if they were dead. Well its half true, since 80% Indians are Brain Dead. Their brains work no more than a animal. Food, Shelter and Clothing is only what they can think about. And if they eat more food or can buy expensive clothes they think they are higher. Anyways this is not about that.

BTW, the women who were lying down why? guess guess? Coz they wanted to become mothers. Damn their heads and their families heads. And the people walking on them were said to have magical powers to make those women fertile. INDIA IS GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And lastly as usual everyone was blaming the police. If they women dont have their heads in place, If everyone wants to take everything lying down, why top blame anyone. Just see the news while having your lunch and keep yourself entertained.

What is Politics?

Just had a thought the other day about what exactly is politics and what do out damn politicans do? Compare Politics with the game of Chess and you would know more about it. Lets explain,
Anyone who has played chess even 10 times would know the usual moves of the game. Same thing is with Politics. The same methods and moves that were created by the Roman Empire is been used even today with few modifications to suit the latest conditions.
To be a great Chess Player, only things needed are to make your move as fast as possible, to have more than 1 strategy and to be able to guess the moves of your opponents right. You only get to play in turns. To beat your opponent, you dont have to think a out of the box move, you just need to surprise your opponent. You have to make him believe one thing and when he prepares for that, you should attack him with another move.
If you have your own head and use it more than a animal, then you would know that Politics also is same. The Moves have been same from years. Have to have more than a single strategy along with surpise attacks to surprise your opponents. Infact Politics is bit more fun than chess since you are playing with more than one opponent at once.
I have to end this topic now to write about what I saw on the news today.

Schildler’s List – I loved it

I saw this movie 2 days back. I simply loved it. Well so it feel nice that even in those rough times, there were some great people like Schindler who did so much for others. And yesterday I also saw a documentary about Hitler on History Channel. I am very much impressed. The way that man from nowhere ruled germany and then captured so many other countries, the man who was about to capture U.K., 3 cheers for him. But that jerk also killed so many people for no damn reason. If he wanted to kill, he should had killed Hindus, lol.
Currently I am also reading “Satanic Verses” by Salman Rushdie. What a great writer he is. I know the stories of his other books, but this one is the best. So now I am making a list of my favorite authors. They are not in proper order, just randomly written.
  • Sedney Sheldon
  • Dan Brown
  • Salman Rushdie
  • Chetan Bhagat
  • J.K. Rowling (I Love Harry Potter Series, I hope it goes on forever)
  • thats it, coz I havent read lot of books. Just started to read from last 1 year. And now reading like anything. I wish Mr. Chetan Bhagat writes many more books. And what the hell is Dan brown doing? When is he going to publish new books.

Some nice books

Read 2 books in last few days. First was the “Five point something” and then “one night at call centre” both by chetan bhagat. Got to tell you, both books were simply great. I loved them all, coz in the first book the things said about a life in hostel, was similar to what I had when i was in one. Though I never robbed anything, but ye I was against the system.
Since I was in Architecture, I hated the way their choosen way of teaching was killing our creativity. My ideas were then used by my batchmates and they were getting good marks. Anyways college sucks all time. The thing I would always miss was my first year in the hostel. I was never ragged even once. I was as per the seniors and later my batchmates the geek in the hostel. With all my crazy ideas, I was like a smart kid for the seniors who used me to do their work and inturn helped me stay away from ragging while my batchmates lives were made hell. That year which we hated then, is what we miss now. Not me but all my friends too. I miss more, since after college I am the only one who has no personal life, just all work n more work talks.
That time was fun. I guess I have never enjoyed my life except for that first and 2nd year in architecture. Those 2 years thought me a lot about what life can and cannot be. What it cannot be is that it can never be a fairy tale with a very good ending exactly as you want it to be. And what it can be, is beyond our worst nightmare. So its always better to be prepared for the worst.
Anyways before I go, wanna say that I just saw the movie “12 monkey’s” on HBO. nice movie but not that nice.
So bye for now.

I am 23

First post I wrote here, I was 21 then. And now in just 6th post I am 23. Its like I was dead till now. Anyways many new things happened in my life. Mostly I can say all the things that happened in last 2 years have changed my life forever. Well yes each day changes us, but here I am talking about serious issues.

I wont say that I am Sad now, nor would I say tht I am happy. I just dont know. My business is finally going great exactly as the horoscope witten by Mrs. Susan on Thumbs up for that great woman. Anyways Business is going great. If everything goes at this rate, I’ll be way ahead of the plans I have made. Anyways who knows what is going to happen next.

I as usual am preparing for any worst condition that could happen instead of enjoying the great business I am getting. Life has thought me one great thing. No matter what damn thing a human can do, we can never become emotionless. So After trying hard, and failing entirely, I have decided to bad sad for the rest of my life, so that I can atleast have a stable state of mine for the rest of my life. Because after all bad things stay for longer time in life than better ones, so its better to be sad forever and be prepared for the worst. Well whoever reads this, which I am sure not one single person will, would thing I am some jack-ass phyco. I dont mind whatever you think.

SEO Basics


Good day to all of you. Now I will start writing about the basics of Search engine optimization. But before that weíll discuss why we need to optimize our website. Iíll explain this to you by giving you an example.


Suppose Mr. Harry stays in New York (USA) and sell books. He has a small book store and his customers are the people working or staying around his shop, sometimes even tourists and also people who know him. He may also get other customers if he advertises in local newspaper and puts ads on radio and other media. Since he has a small business he wonít have enough funds to go international & advertise his business in other countries.

Once his friend Mr. Chiang a web developer and internet marketing specialist by profession suggests him about having a website. He explains to him that by having a website his business would be online 24/7 and would be available to people globally. Harry listens to Chiang and hires him to create a website for him and market it. Then Mr. Chiang creates a website and optimizes it and places its ads on other websites & directories. Now Harry is getting orders from all around the world.

So dear friendís moral of the story is we all want to spend little money and earn a lot. By optimizing your website to get better rankings in search engines you can get people know about you and your business no matter where you or they are. By spending a few bucks you get free traffic to your website and if your services are good enough which is up to you then you also get customers.

So now without wasting any more time Iíll start with the basics.

Any search engine or to make it simpler letís consider only Google, considers a website for rankings based on the below factors:

  1. The name of your website
  2. The title of your web page
  3. The Meta Tags of your website
  4. The First 100 words in your site
  5. The other text in your website
  6. The number of quality links you get from other websites
  7. Your link on open directories like DMOZ

Many SEO experts say that the name of the website is important but I would suggest that instead of blindly believing me or them you can check that yourself once you know enough of optimization.

Since I am not writing this for any money or for publicity but my main purpose for this Blog is to open the secrets of optimization and let every man know for himself that humans are clever than computers and that even Google who has more money and brains and that its not the best and that they still are far away from organic search results and that they can also make mistakes. I want to make you know about the secrets and to help you choose your road ahead.

Next article will contain information about how people are still fooling Google and making money.

P.S.: I am currently doing SEO for a low competion keyword. Would explain few steps in this blog soon. The website is of Thermal Underwear wholesalers called Nile Trading located in UK.



I am Harish Chouhan a freelance web design and I also think that I am a SEO expert since I know a lot of optimization as well what the search engines are upto. People are wasting hundreds & thousands of dollars on search engine optimization. What they do not know is that all experts state that nothing is guaranteed but still when you hire them for your work your site does come in the first 10 rankings. What can we call this?

Before I take you on the tour of search engines I would like to introduce myself first. As I have stated earlier I am Harish Chouhan from Mumbai India. I am using the internet from last 7 years and I simply love this virtual world. I am currently 22 years old and am running a web design firm in Mumbai and working as a consultant. When I discovered the net I wanted to create a site like yahoo but later I understood the difference between dream and reality. Later on I wanted to create an online organization to help teenagers. But due to little help and no funds I was not able to work on it and in turn failed in my exams. Later on I discovered that while working on the above said things I had learned a lot about web design. I am also studying Architecture but I might leave it since I want to concentrate on my business of web design. So now I guess this introduction is bigger than I expected and let’s start with what you are here for.

From now on I would discuss with you about search engines, search engine optimization, latest problems which small to medium website owners are facing and of course GOOGLE the father of all search engines. I in no way would criticize any individual or business in this business but would like to give you a clear picture of what’s happening in this world of optimization & search engines and about what we do not know yet.

And I would start by discussing about Google’s latest updates named “JAGGER” which was a nightmare to many websites whose survival was their rankings on Google and about people who call them SEO experts and have stated not to update our site and that Google has more money and more brains and also that if we work on our sites now then we might have to cry.

Read my next post if you want to really know how to succeed in this Google’s hosted race…