Get Plugin Download Count from API

Since last 3 days, I have been looking out for a way to get the total download count of my plugin.

But there is almost no information about API for except on which is just links and some more information on which provides details on WordPress Plugin Information API. So after some tweaking and testing here is the final code to get the download count.

	$payload = array(
		'action' => 'plugin_information',
		'request' => serialize(
				'slug' => 'i-recommend-this',
				'fields' => array(
					'downloaded' => true,
					'description' => false

	$body = wp_remote_post( '', array( 'body' => $payload) );

	$body = unserialize($body['body']);
	echo '<p>Downloaded: ' . print_r( $body->downloaded, true ) . '</p>';


Now to avoid requesting information from on every page load, the required information can be saved in a transient and refreshed once a day.  This is in no way a final code. I have not placed any additional logic to display arrays, etc. So just use this as a starting point.

I will write a plugin to do this but until then if you know a better way, please share your ideas in comments.


Well it seems there is plugin_api using which most of the things I did above was unnecessary. If we use plugins_api we can get the total download count using few lines of code below:

/** If plugins_api isn't available, load the file that holds the function */
if ( ! function_exists( 'plugins_api' ) )
	require_once( ABSPATH . 'wp-admin/includes/plugin-install.php' );

/** Prepare our query */
$call_api = plugins_api( 'plugin_information',
		'slug' => 'i-recommend-this'

/** Display the results */
if ( is_wp_error( $call_api ) )
	echo '<pre>' . print_r( $call_api->get_error_message(), true ) . '</pre>';
	//echo '<pre>' . print_r( $call_api, true ) . '</pre>';
	echo '<p>' . print_r( $call_api->downloaded, true ) . '</p>';

Sublime Text 2 Shortcuts

After using Dreamweaver for years I have finally started using and loving Sublime Text for its simplicity and speed. In this post I plan to post every shortcut for my own reference and anyone else who needs it. If I miss any shortcuts, do share those in the comments.

(NOTE: I am only sharing Windows Shortcuts)

  • Move Lines Up or Down

    Shortcut for moving line up:  Ctrl + Shit + ?
    Shortcut for moving line down: Ctrl + Shift + ?

    The above are used to quickly move any line up or down without having to cut & paste.

  • Open Command Prompt

    Ctrl + Shift + P

  • Toogle Sidebar

    Ctrl + KB

  • Quick File Switching

    Ctrl + PPress above and start typing the name of the file. Based on the matches, the file will be opened instantly and if there are multiple options, you can press Up/Down arrow to select a file from the list. The search is done for the project or among the currently opened files.

  • Go to Symbol (Function / Classes)Ctrl + R
    (or Ctrl + P and then enter @)
    Similar to Ctrl + P, this is used to quickly go to a function or class. In HTML document, you can also go to a ID.