WordCamp Mumbai!

The last 2 days were a good break in my hectic & download spirally life. There were setbacks and the Event wasn’t perfect but still it was enjoyable and it was also great to meet like minded people.

Kudos to the organizers & Volunteers Piyushkumar Jain & Simoni Gupta of Home for Geeks and to IndiBlogger for organizing this event and bring people with passion for WordPress closer.


Major changes…

Last 4 months have been messy. In fact last 1.8 years has been messy. Like a domino effect one thing after the other has been going out of my control. I never blame anyone for anything bad that happens to me, however this time I would have few people to blame. One of the most important lessons I have learnt is to be choosy about whom I work with and to treat our own project ideas with same importance as we treat paying projects from clients.

Time is limited, and the way clients choose a company, its time for me to start choosing clients too. One thing that has always helped me, is my existing customer base. no matter what issues my business has faced, majority of my clients have always been supportive and loyal. And I am as always grateful to them for their patronage.

Recently I have worked with some worst clients too. But as usual its always best to end working for them as soon as you find yourself not comfortable. Its one thing to go out of your comfort zone to learn something new but another thing entirely to be getting used.

I am a positive person. I do regret some decisions I have made and how I have handle certain things in last 1 year, however I have learnt a lot too and geared up to focusing on my own projects.

From now till the end of this year, I would be undertaking just 1 small project a year and would be spending majority of my time on rebuilding my websites Webtions.com, DreamsOnline.net & www.designerskiosk.com and mainly will be finding the right people to build a new team. Majority of the work I would be doing would be focused on WordPress. I would also be writing articles for Envato at http://wp.tutsplus.com/author/harish about the things I learn while working on my own projects.




Web Designing in Aurangabad & Lucknow


This post is to refer my friend from Aurangabad who offers Web Design Services. He has a experience of 1+ years in designing custom website and only serves clients from Aurangabad and Lucknow. He caters to small to medium sized businessess and offers a great service with great pricing.

If anyone from Aurangabad or Lucknow needs web designing services, feel free to contact him at abhishek@eguruindia.com or +91-9860733189. His name is Abhishek Mishra.


Why am I still here?

Am writing a post after really long. Had written few drafts on interesting development on web design, HTML 5 and CSS3, but they remained just drafts due to my bad health and too many things going on in my life and my mind.

There are very few people who read this blog few of them being my close friends and clients and rest people from my industry who end up on this site from search engines.

Am currently in a very calm state of mind hence thinking very clearly after very long time. Maybe thinking so clearly for first time.

This is would be a very honest attempt from me to write down that too on my blog.
I had quit my Architecture studies since I could not wait any longer to start my business. I loved Architecture and still love. It would remain my life long passion. I still justify my decision of leaving studies and never regret the decision. But I have started regretting what I did after that.

Unlike many other people, I was never a practical person. I was not afraid to dream bigger than my means or skills. I am overly optimistic person. All this has still not changed. I still think the same.

The only realization I have had, is that achieving my impossible dreams which some would laugh at is still possible for many using my plans but they are not possible to achieve by me.
Am just built differently and weirdly. I sometimes consider myself a loser sometimes I dont. Whatever I think of myself, am still in a loser category by world’s standards.
For me to achieve my own dreams, I would have to break myself, and rebuild myself into something new. I might lose who I truly am in the process, but it dosent matter anymore. The only thing that matters to have always been my dreams, and to make them true, I have to change myself now.

I have written this, to first accept am a loser, and then to have this as a reminder to come back to this every week to see if am same or changing.

I dont believe in luck, but I do wish myself all the good luck!