dreams come true but too late

All my life i have been living with a belief that opportunities are not given in your hands, you have to take your hands and grab the opportunities. It happened again, but this is nor an opportunity neither anything else. Its something that I wanted, sort of my dream which i had started believing wont come true. But I am wrong. The dream has come true, and I have to put my hands in front. But I wont this time. I might think I am a fool later on for not taking the opportunity, but its better to not take it than to take it and repeat history again and then suffer later. Life is just damn confusing, wont let you live with ease, just when everything seems to be getting better there is a knock on the door and then you get kicked.

Well I will see to it that I don’t repeat my mistakes again this time. Somethings are better not said, and I would do the same by keeping things with myself instead of letting others know. If God exists he would surely be laughing at our stupid problems.

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