gotto change atleast now

My life seems to be pathetic even when I am doing better than many of other guys my age with who had as much resources as I had, still I don’t know why I am not Happy. The biggest mistake I have done in my life is to find happiness from others. My life has no timings or schedule. I got up at 2:20am and writing this blog which is enough to prove my the way my life is.

Can’t sleep now, have a slight fever, so now just wasting my time in here. I think i have to start doing some yoga or something to make peace with myself which can put me to some ease. Right now, I hope I am able to work in the morning, since I have to setup my office anyhow by July end. And I also have to re-design my website and to have a new website for the all services except design and development. And the most important task is also to increase the profits or at least the total revenue by more than 75% in these 2 months. Dammit lot of things to be done. Expansion is not a easy thing, and trying to make your dreams a reality is another dream in itself. My and my stupid thoughts.

Anyways, its already 5:38am and I have to sleep and wake up by 10:00am and finish some pending work by tomorrow morning. Till 15th I am going to finish all pending work and after that I would start new projects and also work on internal one’s. 10 days of this month are over so fast, at this speed I think I would be old and dead in no time.

Bye for now…

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