I am 23

First post I wrote here, I was 21 then. And now in just 6th post I am 23. Its like I was dead till now. Anyways many new things happened in my life. Mostly I can say all the things that happened in last 2 years have changed my life forever. Well yes each day changes us, but here I am talking about serious issues.

I wont say that I am Sad now, nor would I say tht I am happy. I just dont know. My business is finally going great exactly as the horoscope witten by Mrs. Susan on www.astrologyzone.com. Thumbs up for that great woman. Anyways Business is going great. If everything goes at this rate, I’ll be way ahead of the plans I have made. Anyways who knows what is going to happen next.

I as usual am preparing for any worst condition that could happen instead of enjoying the great business I am getting. Life has thought me one great thing. No matter what damn thing a human can do, we can never become emotionless. So After trying hard, and failing entirely, I have decided to bad sad for the rest of my life, so that I can atleast have a stable state of mine for the rest of my life. Because after all bad things stay for longer time in life than better ones, so its better to be sad forever and be prepared for the worst. Well whoever reads this, which I am sure not one single person will, would thing I am some jack-ass phyco. I dont mind whatever you think.

One thought on “I am 23”

  1. No i wunt think u r phsco….or anything… u juz need some good spirit and motivation in ur life…. try to think tht there is life apart from business and ppl do LOVE U ok… btw…. i like the way u express ur feelings through simple words…. maan trust me u should b a writer…! πŸ™‚ and ya… dnt b sady sady.. πŸ™ moi wid you… alwayz.. ok…so whenver u feel down…. juz remember me..haha i hope i din’t scare u…
    anways… tc… n keeping updating ur blogs..

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