I am Harish Chouhan a freelance web design and I also think that I am a SEO expert since I know a lot of optimization as well what the search engines are upto. People are wasting hundreds & thousands of dollars on search engine optimization. What they do not know is that all experts state that nothing is guaranteed but still when you hire them for your work your site does come in the first 10 rankings. What can we call this?

Before I take you on the tour of search engines I would like to introduce myself first. As I have stated earlier I am Harish Chouhan from Mumbai India. I am using the internet from last 7 years and I simply love this virtual world. I am currently 22 years old and am running a web design firm in Mumbai and working as a consultant. When I discovered the net I wanted to create a site like yahoo but later I understood the difference between dream and reality. Later on I wanted to create an online organization to help teenagers. But due to little help and no funds I was not able to work on it and in turn failed in my exams. Later on I discovered that while working on the above said things I had learned a lot about web design. I am also studying Architecture but I might leave it since I want to concentrate on my business of web design. So now I guess this introduction is bigger than I expected and let’s start with what you are here for.

From now on I would discuss with you about search engines, search engine optimization, latest problems which small to medium website owners are facing and of course GOOGLE the father of all search engines. I in no way would criticize any individual or business in this business but would like to give you a clear picture of what’s happening in this world of optimization & search engines and about what we do not know yet.

And I would start by discussing about Google’s latest updates named “JAGGER” which was a nightmare to many websites whose survival was their rankings on Google and about people who call them SEO experts and have stated not to update our site and that Google has more money and more brains and also that if we work on our sites now then we might have to cry.

Read my next post if you want to really know how to succeed in this Google’s hosted race…

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