Issues we designers face often

There are tonnes of great articles written by frustrated Web Designers. Most clients have never been able to understand the amount of work that has to be repeated when the finalized designs converted to HTML pages has to be edited again. Minor changes for them requires modification of the pages as well as CSS.

I always tried arguing with clients on the same and have ended up either doing the changes for free or charging them lot lower than the amount of work I had to do. While charging they often give example of their own business and how they accommodate changes to their own clients.

Giving examples to them does not work, at least did not work for me in last 5 years. With some clients I never had to argue with such things. They knew the implication of changes and argued on valid points. But some ask for more explanation beyond a point which is not possible so if you are bad in negotiations, you end up working on their terms.

If freelancers designers & developers need to grow like in any other professional, we seriously need to stop doing the above right now. I have liked the ideas of few fellow designers worldwide who had faced the same issue.

One such article can be read at:

Also do find links to some great articles I had read recently.

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