My Blogging begins again…


I had a long absence from my blog, almost 3 to 4 months. Have also not been able to work on any new projects for many reasons.

From last few days, everything has been changing rapidly in terms of how I work and my business growth. From now on, would be using this blog to the max. for personal and business reasons and hope to help others too by writing SEO related articles.

My future post’s would be related to the things liste below:

  • Search Engine Optimization for Small businesses.
  • CSS Frameworks and how to use them
  • Grid Systems in CSS (as I am new to this, I would share what I learn)
  • Case Studies of my SEO or Website Projects.
  • Fun & News as usual.

Lastly, I would like to mention in bold letters,

I am not Chetan Bhagat. Neither I write books. Some of you guys are posting comments in the wrong place. All your comments should go to him directly by visiting and then go to the Contact Us page and fill the form. I just provide him web services and manage his website. He won’t reply to all your queries or comments, but he for sure would read it once

Until next time, good Luck…

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