WordCamp Mumbai!

The last 2 days were a good break in my hectic & download spirally life. There were setbacks and the Event wasn’t perfect but still it was enjoyable and it was also great to meet like minded people.

Kudos to the organizers & Volunteers Piyushkumar Jain & Simoni Gupta of Home for Geeks and to IndiBloggerfor organizing this event and bring people with passion for WordPress closer.

Major changes…

Last 4 months have been messy. In fact last 1.8 years has been messy. Like a domino effect one thing after the other has been going out of my control.I never blame anyone for anything bad that happens to me, however this time I would have few people to blame. One of the most important lessons I have learnt is to be choosy about whom I work with and to treat our own project ideas with same importance as we treat paying projects from clients.

Time is limited, and the way clients choose a company, its time for me to start choosing clients too. One thing that has always helped me, is my existing customer base. no matter what issues my business has faced, majority of my clients have always beensupportive and loyal. And I am as always grateful to them for their patronage.

Recently I have worked with some worst clients too. But as usual its always best to end working for them as soon as you find yourself not comfortable. Its one thing to go out of your comfort zone to learn something new but another thing entirely to be getting used.

I am a positive person. I do regret some decisions I have made and how I have handle certain things in last 1 year, however I have learnt a lot too and geared up tofocusingon my own projects.

From now till the end of this year, I would be undertaking just 1 small project a year and would be spending majority of my time on rebuilding my websites Webtions.com, DreamsOnline.net & www.designerskiosk.com and mainly will be finding the right people to build a new team. Majority of the work I would be doing would befocusedon WordPress. I would also be writing articles for Envato athttp://wp.tutsplus.com/author/harishabout the things I learn while working on my own projects.



Post dedicated to spammers offering SEO & Social Media Marketing Services

Indian guys with western fake names, please stop sending me emails about how you can promote my site/services. Stop using gmail id’s to send such emails.

If you actually know how to do promotion, you should start using it for your own website which which help you get clients and you would not have to waste sending spam emails.

Please think about it. And if you cannot do it for your own business, do let me know and maybe I could assist you in making your website and promoting it.


3 Bomb Blasts in Mumbai

Its unfortunate news that there has been another serial blomb blasts after 2008 in Mumbai. There have been 3 bomb blasts reported so far and there is no accurate information of the number of casualties yet.

Nearly 100 people were reportedly injured. One of the blast was triggered off in meter box. And currently there is also failed bomb which Bomb Squad is trying to diffuse. All the places are crowed place that at the peak time in evening.

The blasts were timed at 6.30 pm, 6.45 pm, and 7 pm IST and locations of these blasts were:

  • Zaveri Bazaar
  • Opera House
  • Dadar West (Kabutarkhana area)




  • Those injured have been rushed to JJ and KEM hospital.
  • Emergency Numbers: 022-22621855, 022-22621983, 022-22625020

Google + Invite


I can’t believe am finally in Google+. Its nothing great but good to be inside it. If anyone needs an invite just post a comment. I think they have made the signup open too.

While many people might feel that Google Plus is just a copy of Facebook, I have one question? Heard about MySpace that came before Facebook? Anyways, Google+ is going to reach or might have already cross 10 million user mark based on prediction of many analysts, but it still feels lonely with not much people around.

For those of you have more time to read, read the “Has google already won the war against facebook?” where Pace Lattin has given his opinion on how he thinks Google+ will become bigger than Facebook.

Google has updated Page Rank of websites

I am excited to inform that Google ToolBar Page Rank has finally been updated for a majority of my own websites and of my clients. The Update might have taken place 28th June 2011 early in the morning of Indian time.

Unforutnately the PR of some websites has dropped by 1.

And the PR of internal pages has also been updated of my main websites which have better quality backlinks. I would love to know if your website PR has also been updated. Do comment with your website address.

Previously many of us might have felt that no-follow links are of no value in Google. You should read this article http://www.sitepronews.com/2011/07/08/seo-a-link-is-a-link/ which explains this in more detail.

Starting a Freelancing Business Company

Some Quick tips you need to remember, when you start a freelancing business or company:

  1. Fix a Business Name & get a trademark (Cost Rs. 5,500)
  2. Create Rubber stamps with the above name.
  3. Get a Gumasta (shop license on the address of your house) (Less than Rs. 2,500)
  4. Using the above document, create a current bank account with either ICICI / HDFC (Minimum balance of Rs. 10,000)
  5. Register for Import Export Code (method http://apac.globalthoughtz.com/index.php/how-to-obtain-iec-for-paypal-withdrawal-in-india/ )

And finally from 1st march, if you wish to accept money from your clients using PayPal, then make sure you tell your clients not to pay you more than $500 at a time. And if you ever are going to be paid under $50 by a client, make sure you receive atleast enough payments same week to reach more than $120 so while withdrawing to bank, there are no charges)

New Tool: Google PowerMeter

While reading news online, came across this brilliant tool called Google PowerMeter. Have not used it yet but as mentioned on Google’s Blog, it is also supported in India by Reliance Energy which feels good.
If this works properly, we specially in Mumbai where Reliance Energy is the power supplier, people like us can track our power consumption and test different things to reduce it.

How it Works: http://www.google.org/powermeter/howitworks.html
Partners: http://www.google.org/powermeter/partners.html

For more on PowerMeter, check out the YouTube video.

You Tube Video