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I’m a freelance website designer based in Mumbai India, providing custom india website designing services to indian companies, indian businesses and individuals.
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Hello Guys,
Well its been a really long time that i din write in my blog. I was making a new website for myself since finding clients is hard I decided to use my free time to make a site for myself.
The thing that seperates this new site from my earlier website ( www.dreamsonline.net ) is that this one does not have a professional look but an artistic one. I also added flash animation for fun and have kept the page size less to load faster. And yes please dont get annoyed by lot of text because its just to get good ranking in Search Engines.
Anyways the link to my new website is : www.harish-chouhan.info
Have a look and send me feedbacks and comments at this blog. Dont try to fill the forms on my site because they are not working. I will fix them soon.


Hello everyone,

Welcome to the fun zone of MIT- Aurangabad, India. This is the place where we mitians share joy and laughter. This is a blog for everyone who joined Maharashtra Institute of Technology, Aurangabad from the year 2002. Please feel free to share our thaughts.