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Good day to all of you. Now I will start writing about the basics of Search engine optimization. But before that weíll discuss why we need to optimize our website. Iíll explain this to you by giving you an example.


Suppose Mr. Harry stays in New York (USA) and sell books. He has a small book store and his customers are the people working or staying around his shop, sometimes even tourists and also people who know him. He may also get other customers if he advertises in local newspaper and puts ads on radio and other media. Since he has a small business he wonít have enough funds to go international & advertise his business in other countries.

Once his friend Mr. Chiang a web developer and internet marketing specialist by profession suggests him about having a website. He explains to him that by having a website his business would be online 24/7 and would be available to people globally. Harry listens to Chiang and hires him to create a website for him and market it. Then Mr. Chiang creates a website and optimizes it and places its ads on other websites & directories. Now Harry is getting orders from all around the world.

So dear friendís moral of the story is we all want to spend little money and earn a lot. By optimizing your website to get better rankings in search engines you can get people know about you and your business no matter where you or they are. By spending a few bucks you get free traffic to your website and if your services are good enough which is up to you then you also get customers.

So now without wasting any more time Iíll start with the basics.

Any search engine or to make it simpler letís consider only Google, considers a website for rankings based on the below factors:

  1. The name of your website
  2. The title of your web page
  3. The Meta Tags of your website
  4. The First 100 words in your site
  5. The other text in your website
  6. The number of quality links you get from other websites
  7. Your link on open directories like DMOZ

Many SEO experts say that the name of the website is important but I would suggest that instead of blindly believing me or them you can check that yourself once you know enough of optimization.

Since I am not writing this for any money or for publicity but my main purpose for this Blog is to open the secrets of optimization and let every man know for himself that humans are clever than computers and that even Google who has more money and brains and that its not the best and that they still are far away from organic search results and that they can also make mistakes. I want to make you know about the secrets and to help you choose your road ahead.

Next article will contain information about how people are still fooling Google and making money.

P.S.: I am currently doing SEO for a low competion keyword. Would explain few steps in this blog soon. The website is of Thermal Underwear wholesalers called Nile Trading located in UK.

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