Some nice books

Read 2 books in last few days. First was the “Five point something” and then “one night at call centre” both by chetan bhagat. Got to tell you, both books were simply great. I loved them all, coz in the first book the things said about a life in hostel, was similar to what I had when i was in one. Though I never robbed anything, but ye I was against the system.
Since I was in Architecture, I hated the way their choosen way of teaching was killing our creativity. My ideas were then used by my batchmates and they were getting good marks. Anyways college sucks all time. The thing I would always miss was my first year in the hostel. I was never ragged even once. I was as per the seniors and later my batchmates the geek in the hostel. With all my crazy ideas, I was like a smart kid for the seniors who used me to do their work and inturn helped me stay away from ragging while my batchmates lives were made hell. That year which we hated then, is what we miss now. Not me but all my friends too. I miss more, since after college I am the only one who has no personal life, just all work n more work talks.
That time was fun. I guess I have never enjoyed my life except for that first and 2nd year in architecture. Those 2 years thought me a lot about what life can and cannot be. What it cannot be is that it can never be a fairy tale with a very good ending exactly as you want it to be. And what it can be, is beyond our worst nightmare. So its always better to be prepared for the worst.
Anyways before I go, wanna say that I just saw the movie “12 monkey’s” on HBO. nice movie but not that nice.
So bye for now.

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