Why not to commit suicide? A great message from Chetan Bhagat

As the Mumbai terror attack seems to have finally ended and all terrorists seem to have been shot dead except one who is caught alive and in police custody, every eye would be on Indian Government on how to investigate the situation. People like us who were not affected will forget about this incident in few days just after its not shown on television, but people who have lost their loved once will never be able too. And that’s just life. We don’t understand others pain until we are in the situation of losing someone no matter how hard we try.

This post is also about a article I came across of Chetan Bhagat about suicide and his story. You can read it at http://witchofoz.rediffiland.com/blogs/2006/01/04/My-Stupid-Suicide-Plan-Chetan.html.

I will write more soon…

the 3 mistakes of my life review

My rating – 5*5
Full rating, since I don’t think there is something which is perfect. The things that can make us feel something, I consider them perfect and that is what the books of Chetan Bhagat do.
As usual I regret reading the book at one go, since I wish it never ended and went on like Ekta Kapoor’s serialThis 3rd book touches the serious issues with care, but more than that, he puts you in a place, where it feels you are living his story. Well all good authors do that but I connect to these more as its about India. I hate hindi movies because of their endings, But I love Chetan’s books, because of the filmy endings. It gives a smile whether sarcastic or good on your face.

So my reviews in short, I positively liked and Loved his 3rd book as well.

Hope he lives a 100 years and writes books too often, or may be he should create a serial on TV and we can see it everyday.

My work, Chetan Bhagat and more

The last 3 months were the busiest months of my life. One deadline after the other, along with my own projects and websites to handle was just too tiring, but also exciting due to some interesting work, new ideas and many other things.

I recently launched Chetan Bhagat’s new website www.chetanbhagat.com. Though the site looks different than my first design concept’s but I like my work and so does my client. Chetan is launching his 3rd book “the 3 mistakes of my life” which no doubt would be the best seller again and would also be the biggest book launch in India so far. Chetan Bhagat is the only Indian author who has achieved more than any other author in India. His books is read by so many. I know very few people who have not head of him. And best part, putting my link on his website also gives me more than 20 visitors every day.

Before I forget, please find some links below and visit his website:

Book 3: http://www.chetanbhagat.com/the_books/t3moml/
Teaser: http://www.chetanbhagat.com/the_books/t3moml/teaser/

Excerpt & Free 1St Chapter:http://www.chetanbhagat.com/the_books/t3moml/excerpt.html