the 3 mistakes of my life review

My rating – 5*5
Full rating, since I don’t think there is something which is perfect. The things that can make us feel something, I consider them perfect and that is what the books of Chetan Bhagat do.
As usual I regret reading the book at one go, since I wish it never ended and went on like Ekta Kapoor’s serialThis 3rd book touches the serious issues with care, but more than that, he puts you in a place, where it feels you are living his story. Well all good authors do that but I connect to these more as its about India. I hate hindi movies because of their endings, But I love Chetan’s books, because of the filmy endings. It gives a smile whether sarcastic or good on your face.

So my reviews in short, I positively liked and Loved his 3rd book as well.

Hope he lives a 100 years and writes books too often, or may be he should create a serial on TV and we can see it everyday.

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  1. it was a gr8 novel … thought it deals with very serious issues…chetan has presented it very very well…it was just undownputable..gr8 …i hope he continues writing such really good of luck!!

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