What is Politics?

Just had a thought the other day about what exactly is politics and what do out damn politicans do? Compare Politics with the game of Chess and you would know more about it. Lets explain,
Anyone who has played chess even 10 times would know the usual moves of the game. Same thing is with Politics. The same methods and moves that were created by the Roman Empire is been used even today with few modifications to suit the latest conditions.
To be a great Chess Player, only things needed are to make your move as fast as possible, to have more than 1 strategy and to be able to guess the moves of your opponents right. You only get to play in turns. To beat your opponent, you dont have to think a out of the box move, you just need to surprise your opponent. You have to make him believe one thing and when he prepares for that, you should attack him with another move.
If you have your own head and use it more than a animal, then you would know that Politics also is same. The Moves have been same from years. Have to have more than a single strategy along with surpise attacks to surprise your opponents. Infact Politics is bit more fun than chess since you are playing with more than one opponent at once.
I have to end this topic now to write about what I saw on the news today.

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