Young Indians should get what they want.

Today from 6:00pm Mumbaikars have gathered around Taj Hotel with posters and stuff. This is good. Finally someone is waking up. I am a lazy person and I would rather sit in my home and watch this and do my work as I am a freelancer and can’t afford to spend my spare time on anything else than blogging.

I just wanted to say that, the People there are asking to attack pakistan. Not all might be asking but a few and asking government to go on war. Half these idiots might  have forgotten their history of what had happened when Pandit Nehru had decided to go on war. I guess India should really go on war, it would be the only time India will finally realize what we are and where we are. I guess only after that the rich and educated people would fly to US and the rest strong minded and poor guys will stay back in India.

If young India wants war with Pakistan then they should be given one. Only after some more die and we go into deeper shit we would be able to see the truth.


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