What’s wrong with this advertisement?

http://youtu.be/WMMig4VIXlI Advertisement like these come and go without ever getting etched into our memory. There are very few advertisements remembered for their uniqueness and some just for the controversy they generate. What is this advertisement about? A kid remembers t0o late about his next day’s school project and so his parent’s work on his project […]

Get Plugin Download Count from WordPress.org API

Since last 3 days, I have been looking out for a way to get the total download count of my plugin. But there is almost no information about API for WordPress.org except on http://codex.wordpress.org/WordPress.org_API which is just links and some more information on http://dd32.id.au/projects/wordpressorg-plugin-information-api-docs/ which provides details on WordPress Plugin Information API. So after some tweaking and testing here […]