Issues we designers face often

There are tonnes of great articles written by frustrated Web Designers. Most clients have never been able to understand the amount of work that has to be repeated when the finalized designs converted to HTML pages has to be edited again. Minor changes for them requires modification of the pages as well as CSS.

I always tried arguing with clients on the same and have ended up either doing the changes for free or charging them lot lower than the amount of work I had to do. While charging they often give example of their own business and how they accommodate changes to their own clients.

Giving examples to them does not work, at least did not work for me in last 5 years. With some clients I never had to argue with such things. They knew the implication of changes and argued on valid points. But some ask for more explanation beyond a point which is not possible so if you are bad in negotiations, you end up working on their terms.

If freelancers designers & developers need to grow like in any other professional, we seriously need to stop doing the above right now. I have liked the ideas of few fellow designers worldwide who had faced the same issue.

One such article can be read at:

Also do find links to some great articles I had read recently.

sulumits retsambew


I had planned to first re-design my blog and only then add new post. But this post is about something important so could not wait.
The title of this post is

“sulumits retsambew”

. What exactly it means… I have no clue…Only thing I know there is a SEO content exciting enough to give it a shot…
If you reverse the words.. its is “Webmaster Stimulus”.

This is a SEO content, which would end soon and seems to have started from a long time. Basically every few months, whoever gets a top 3 ranking for this keyword in Google wins and gets money. Unfortunately I was not aware of it, and even If I was, would not had able to participate due to lack of time.

Now I would have to end my post. Next post would come after this site is re-designed.

My Blogging begins again…


I had a long absence from my blog, almost 3 to 4 months. Have also not been able to work on any new projects for many reasons.

From last few days, everything has been changing rapidly in terms of how I work and my business growth. From now on, would be using this blog to the max. for personal and business reasons and hope to help others too by writing SEO related articles.

My future post’s would be related to the things liste below:

  • Search Engine Optimization for Small businesses.
  • CSS Frameworks and how to use them
  • Grid Systems in CSS (as I am new to this, I would share what I learn)
  • Case Studies of my SEO or Website Projects.
  • Fun & News as usual.

Lastly, I would like to mention in bold letters,

I am not Chetan Bhagat. Neither I write books. Some of you guys are posting comments in the wrong place. All your comments should go to him directly by visiting and then go to the Contact Us page and fill the form. I just provide him web services and manage his website. He won’t reply to all your queries or comments, but he for sure would read it once

Until next time, good Luck…

Young Indians should get what they want.

Today from 6:00pm Mumbaikars have gathered around Taj Hotel with posters and stuff. This is good. Finally someone is waking up. I am a lazy person and I would rather sit in my home and watch this and do my work as I am a freelancer and can’t afford to spend my spare time on anything else than blogging.

I just wanted to say that, the People there are asking to attack pakistan. Not all might be asking but a few and asking government to go on war. Half these idiots might  have forgotten their history of what had happened when Pandit Nehru had decided to go on war. I guess India should really go on war, it would be the only time India will finally realize what we are and where we are. I guess only after that the rich and educated people would fly to US and the rest strong minded and poor guys will stay back in India.

If young India wants war with Pakistan then they should be given one. Only after some more die and we go into deeper shit we would be able to see the truth.

Enough is Enough – really?

I have been reading/watching news, listening to my family and friends about their views on these terrorists, reading the forwarded emails and sms and the words. What I want to say is that the words  “Enough is Enough” to Indians not the terrorists or our Government.

Anyone reading this is thinking that I am a India hater or a Fanatic Muslim or a Indian living abroad, then the answer is no I am not. I am born a  Hindu and would die a Hindu. To be true, I don’t give a shit about what religion I am. You might ask why is that? well because I have not seen God, but I have seen many kind individuals in my life so far do so much for me or others. I believe in God because someone did make us and I also sometimes pray, but that said I value human relations more because when in trouble I do not see God in front of me, I only see human beings and some may say GOD put them there but who cares I saw a Human being and that the bloody truth whether you like it or not.

I have never done anything in my life to enhance life of others or something charitable. I plan to do these things.. just like everyone else does.. but till now I have never done anything. This does not give me the right to speak about others and complain, but if every other person is doing it, I think even I can.

This blog post is in response to what everyone thinks about this situation and about who is responsible. I came about this article yesterday (Link: ) If you scroll down on this linked page you would see some comments against India.

I have so many questions in my head that I do not know how to put them here. I would still try to make an attempt in a hope someone agrees with me.

Terrorists killed people in Mumbai bomb blasts, 1993 bomb blasts, recent blasts in Delhi and Gujarat. it was not taken seriously. With recent attacks in financial centre, everyone seems to be talking. I don’t get it, why was such high level of activity by all of us not taken earlier? If not then, why now?

I am not complaining about what people are doing, this is good this is Democracy and People’s Government and this is what we should be doing. Writing about it, so often that it becomes difficult for anyone to forget and only then a change happens. But would this solve any problem. Is there any dumb person forwarding emails and sms not knowing about the present state of Israel? They are developed have great intelligence but still so many attacks. If someone becomes free from sending emails, they should try to sit silently and this why the world is so wrong before sending a message about anything that could create more hatred.

Do we throw and kill our family members if they do a mistake? If kids don’t learn or rob something do parents kill them? It’s very easy to bomb a country, hate others, hate a specific religion but nothing provides a solution. The great America tried hard, and so did the terrorists. And that’s why when the terrorists got a chance, they hit them hard and killed around 3,000 people belonging to so many countries in few seconds.

We humans are expanding in all levels from science, space technology, medicines but the one thing that should had been easy i.e. Human Relationships seems to have become one of the hardest things to improve upon.

We are crying about 180-190 people, I am really sorry for them but what about the people dead in Riots in Mumbai and Godhra, the massacre of Sikhs? Does anyone still remembers how many died there?

We simply get up and ask ourself why did these Terrorist not kill the politicians and why just us? The answer is if politicans were killed we had stayed home and laughed, but now since people among us are dying we are finally started taking action. This is democracy where we can change what we don’t like, its people’s government and when next time Indian Government, Politicians or Military attacks anyone or kills anyone, don’t just sit and think “oh poor guys but what can we do, its our Government” because it’s not our Government it’s actually us who are doing wrong.

The only once we need to blame is ourselves about how a civilization that created great things like Indus valley, the world’s first university, who was so rich in culture and heritage has become to what we are now?

Finding the culpirts and killing them is not the end, we should make sure we make noise like now every single time, people from minority caste our killed and many other things that happen in India which we know and ignore.

At end, the problem is not the world or the terrorists or our Government, the problem is just US.

Why not to commit suicide? A great message from Chetan Bhagat

As the Mumbai terror attack seems to have finally ended and all terrorists seem to have been shot dead except one who is caught alive and in police custody, every eye would be on Indian Government on how to investigate the situation. People like us who were not affected will forget about this incident in few days just after its not shown on television, but people who have lost their loved once will never be able too. And that’s just life. We don’t understand others pain until we are in the situation of losing someone no matter how hard we try.

This post is also about a article I came across of Chetan Bhagat about suicide and his story. You can read it at

I will write more soon…